United Way
of Whatcom County

What is a workplace campaign?

Here at United Way of Whatcom County, we conduct more than 150 workplace campaigns annually. During a workplace campaign, CEO’s and volunteer campaign coordinators encourage their employees and co-workers to donate to United Way of Whatcom County’s Community Impact Fund. Workplace campaigns are held at small businesses and large corporations in a variety of industries ranging from construction to banking. They are the backbone of our fundraising activities.


  • Someone (you?) at your place of work contacts us about hosting a campaign
  • We help you plan your donation ask and include fun activities that build morale
  • We set you up with an online portal to accept employee donations
  • Donations can be made via check, card, or automatic paycheck deduction
  • You can choose to double your employees' impact by offering a company match.
  • Join us for our annual Campaign Celebration with catered food and fun

Employees who give, and who see their employers give, feel good about their jobs. Employees who feel good about their jobs stick around.

Why Host A Campaign?


United Way of Whatcom County bands together the business, public, and social service sectors to achieve a common goal: financial stability for every person in our community.


We help fund more than 30 local programs at over 25 non-profits. When we do the fundraising for them, their staff are freed up to provide direct services. We make fundraising easier for non-profits. We make giving easier for you. Why write 30 checks, when you can write one?


When a company exhibits strong corporate social responsibility, the impact* on consumers is big:


have a more positive image of the company


are more likely to support the company


are more loyal to the company


switch to brands associated with good causes, given similar price and quality


Millenials will soon make up 50% of the workforce. Here’s how they feel** about corporate social responsibility (CSR):

  • 76% consider a company's CSR committments when deciding where to work
  • 64% won’t take a job from a company that doesn’t exhibit strong CSR
  • 88% say their job is more fulfilling when they have opportunities to make a positive impact on important issues
  • 83% would be more loyal to a company that exhibits strong CSR
  • 75% would take a pay cut to work for a socially responsible company

*2017 Cone Communications CSR Study

**2016 Cone Communications Millenial Employee Management Study


Spirit of United Way Award

This award is given to businesses who are true champions of giving back. Their workplace campaigns show top-notch creativity, spirit, and engagement levels. They know how to raise the bar.


Coordinator of the Year

This award honors workplace Employee Campaign Coordinators (ECC) who go the extra mile. Who cuff their sleeves and dive in. Those who model living United and inspire others to do so, too.

Tammy Bengen, Ferndale School District


Our Community Builder Sponsors underwrite our annual campaign. They provide the support we need for events, temporary staff, advertisements, and campaign collateral. This ensures donations are preserved to be reinvested into service programs and projects that benefit local residents.

Being a sponsor makes good business sense. Studies show consumers are more likely to support organizations that are involved in the local community. Your brand matters. Build a brand based on philanthropy and we all win.

Contact us to become a sponsor.

Loaned Executives

Our Loaned Executive Program provides a unique opportunity for the professional development of emerging leaders. Here’s how it works:

Give something. Lend us an employee who is an emerging leader within your company. The individual works half-time for us and half-time for you from mid-September through mid-November. You continue to furnish all of their wages.

Get something. As part of our campaign team, your staff member receives more than just education about United Way and the impact we make. We’ll provide your executive with training on local community issues, public speaking, sales, and account management.

Get a little more. As a loaned executive, your employee will be responsible for 15-25 accounts. Each of these accounts represents a business conducting a United Way workplace campaign. By way of your colleague, you’ll get your name out to dozens of businesses and be seen as a true philanthropic leader across our community.

And even more. We’ll issue you a $10,000 sponsorship credit for each loaned executive you provide. This means you’ll get all of the benefits we give to our Mt. Baker sponsors. Add in a cash sponsorship or an additional loaned executive to receive title sponsor perks as a Cascade sponsor.