United Way
of Whatcom County

We are a Nonprofit that Supports Nonprofits

Here’s how it works: You donate to United Way of Whatcom County. We carefully vet nonprofits and allocate funds. Those nonprofits provide services to people in need.

Generous people donate money.

Individuals donate directly to United Way and volunteers help us raise money through our unique workplace giving campaigns. The money goes into our Community Impact Fund. Whatcom County is our home. We are all responsible for making it a better place to live.

Donate Today Workplace Campaigns

Our committee meets & reviews.

Dozens of nonprofit programs approach us with ideas for how they can help move the needle on poverty. Each year, our Community Impact Panel, made up of 30-50 volunteers, vets these programs. Our Community Impact Fund gets distributed to the combination of programs determined to best meet the needs of Whatcom County residents. Currently, we fund over 30 programs.

The money is sent out to nonprofits.

The money is distributed to hardworking nonprofits that provide services to the community. Our funded programs are held accountable for the work they do. They provide outcomes on their results to us at least annually.

Throughout the year, we convene our partners, along with the public sector and anyone else interested in our issue. We look for new ways to solve old problems. We look for ways to be more efficient. More collaborative. More inventive.

See where the money goes Become A Partner

Those in need get services.

We all live better. Every year, tens of thousands of individuals and families in Whatcom County receive support from the nonprofit partner agencies we fund.