United Way
of Whatcom County

United, we fight for basic needs.
United, we stand up for economic mobility.
United, we break the cycle of poverty.

United Way of Whatcom County fights for the financial stability of every person in our community. No matter the obstacles. No matter the odds. We surround Whatcom County’s most critical problems. And we fight.

We’re on a new track.

We are Uniting resources. We are Uniting minds. Here at United Way of Whatcom County, we are Uniting behind a new, single-issue focus: financial stability.

In 2017, our community provided us with feedback regarding what mattered most. From that, our singular purpose came into view. By 2020, we’ll have completed our transition. In the meantime, we’re working with our partners to develop new solutions to this age-old problem, with renewed vigor and impact.

United, we confront barriers to keeping food on the table and a roof overhead. United, we stand up for the unemployed and the underemployed. United, we battle to break the cycle of poverty.


ALICE stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. ALICE refers to those who earn above the federal poverty level, but not enough to afford housing, child care, food, transportation, and health care in our community. ALICE has to choose between food or electricity, diapers or medicine, and rent or childcare.

The ALICE report is an in-depth and more accurate measure of financial struggle in our corner of the country. This groundbreaking report from United Way provides state, county, and city specific data.

The most recent ALICE report shows that 39% of our local population lives at or below the ALICE threshold. ALICE is the person you sat next to on the bus, that friendly barista who poured your coffee this morning, your neighbor, your friend. ALICE is all around you, and she needs your help.

A path out of poverty.

Because change doesn’t happen alone. Hope isn’t a one-man band. And there’s no such thing as self-taught or self-made. We fund a network of nonprofits across Whatcom County so folks can move along the path from meeting basic needs, to economic mobilty, to breaking the cycle.

Your money stays local.

When you donate to United Way of Whatcom County, your donation stays local. We work with area nonprofit programs – we call them Partner Agencies – to turn your money into valuable services that move individuals and families from poverty to possibility. We do this by convening idea-makers and action-takers. We help local nonprofit workers, government officials, and everyday citizens get things done.

We vet nonprofits and allocate funds for you.

With so many organizations doing good work in Whatcom County, it’s hard to decide where to focus your giving so that you can be the do-gooder you want to be.

It’s okay. We help with that.

By making one gift to United Way of Whatcom County, you’ll be giving to 30+ nonprofit programs. Each program has been carefully vetted. They’re the best of the best. They report back to us on a formal basis annually and engage with us throughout the year.