About You

You care deeply for our community and the people in it.

You look toward a better world, one where our struggling friends and neighbors have the tools they need to thrive.

Fantastic people like you from all over our community give generously every year to help us make a difference in Whatcom County.

By harnessing the power of collective impact, we’re able to help support critical services in our community. Every gift, big or small, adds up to create big change. Because of people like you, we can write big checks like this one to help change lives in Whatcom County!

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You like supporting this community and having fun while doing it!

United Way partners with folks from all walks of life to support critical services throughout Whatcom County.


“Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by the need in our community. The state of housing, economic uncertainty, food insecurity, healthcare challenges — I’ll think we’re at a breaking point, that there’s no way we can solve the inequity. But then I remember all the amazing work that non-profit organizations in Whatcom County are accomplishing every day. Perhaps not every problem can be fixed, but there ARE people trying to help, and there ARE organizations driven to create positive change for overburdened families and individuals who need assistance the most. By donating to United Way of Whatcom County, I’m able to help fund these efforts knowing my money is responsibly managed and distributed to have the greatest impact. As both my agency’s campaign coordinator, and as a donor for twenty-four years, I’m proud to be a part of United Way of Whatcom County!”

Melissa Fanucci, Whatcom Council of Governments


“I have been giving to United Way of Whatcom County since 2015 because I know they are going to make the best use of every donation, down to the very last penny! There are so many incredible and deserving nonprofits in Whatcom County doing amazing work and I feel good knowing that my donation is making the biggest impact possible! United Way takes the guesswork out of donating and makes it easy for me to support the community I love.”


Meagan Southworth, WECU


“When my son was diagnosed with Autism and sensory processing disorder, United Way agencies were there to help. It’s incredible. Damien was nonverbal until he was three. Whatcom Center for Early Learning had a speech pathologist who would come to the house and work with him. I never imagined I could have a full, meaningful conversation back and forth with him, but I can right now. And I don’t take that for granted. The early intervention services that he has received have made a big difference in his life, and I’m so grateful for that.”


Jane Parsons, proud mom of Damien

Damien is now a Math Olympiad champion!


“We believe United Way is the most efficient and effective way to support those in our community who are in need. The root causes of people’s problems need to be addressed. We support those organizations that are trying to address those root cause problems.”

Bob & Cheryl McCarthy, leadership donors

Help change lives in our community

One gift to United Way supports a collaborative network of nonprofits to help holistically address financial instability in our community!