United Way
of Whatcom County

A small staff with big hearts.

Kristi Birkeland

A longtime United Way donor and advocate, Kristi is beyond thrilled to be leading our small but mighty team. Want to know how you can partner with us to build a stronger community? Kristi's your gal. She'll help you do good in Whatcom County and feel good knowing you've made a difference.

You can reach Kristi at 360.733.8670 ext. 1105

Patricia Boyce

Workplace Development & Community Impact
When it comes to community impact, Patty is the queen. Whether she's leading our fundraising efforts, managing grant processes, or working with volunteers, she's always looking for ways to maximize donations and results.

You can reach Patty at 360.733.8670 ext. 1103

Dianne Bradshaw

Finance & Human Resources
Wondering where every United Way dollar goes? Dianne can tell you-- right down to the penny. In addition to making sure our decimal points are all in the right places, she's also here to ensure that our HR processes all add up.

You can reach Dianne at 360.733.8670 ext. 1102

Mike Weinstein

Senior Staff Assistant
He seems like a mild-mannered assistant, but he's really a superhero in disguise. Need help? Mike has a quick solution for just about anything. And a quick smile to go with it. He keeps our office and team running smoothly.

You can reach Mike at 360.733.8670 ext. 1101

Denise Kilcline

Development Coordinator
A former United Way Campaign Coordinator, Denise brings the perfect mix of employee giving experience and enthusiasm to our team. She makes sure workplace campaigns are as easy, fun, and effective as humanly possible. 

You can reach Denise at 360.733.8670 ext. 1106