Not Your Average Spring

Apr 22, 2020

Spring is nature’s way of reminding us that new life is everywhere. Flowers begin to bloom, birds break into song, and the sun shows up to warm our days.

Unfortunately, this is no ordinary spring. So while these things are still happening around us, they are doing so in the midst of some pretty heavy circumstances.

Our hearts are hurting. We’re feeling scared and uncertain. We miss our friends and loved ones. Many of us are dealing with losses. We’ve lost our routines, our connections, and our ability to move about. Kids and young adults have lost out on school, sports, and friends. Countless people have lost their jobs and incomes. Others have lost people they know and love.

At United Way, our thoughts are with everyone experiencing loss right now. Wherever you are and whatever you are going through, we wish you peace, health, strength, and love.

Together, we will get through this crisis. It won’t be easy, and things may look very different on the other side. But we’ll get there.

Let this spring be a reminder to be kind. To open your heart. To forgive. To care for yourself and others. To find the little things that bring you life. And of course, to Live United.

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