United Way
of Whatcom County

Financial Info And Policies

Policy Regarding Designated Gifts

The following fees will apply to all designated gifts:
  • No administrative fee on donations designated to other United Ways in Washington State.
  • All other designated gifts are charged a 16.8% administrative fee.
  • Donations paid by credit card or payroll deduction are charged an additional 8.6% for noncollectable provisions.
Designations are paid out to partner agencies already receiving United Way funding on a monthly basis. Designations to all other non-profits are paid out on a quarterly basis.

Donor Privacy Policy

United Way of Whatcom County (United Way) values the trust its donors and other stakeholders place in the organization and adheres to the highest standards in gathering, using, and safeguarding their information. We do not rent, sell, or trade donor information to any third party outside of the United Way system.

The information you or your employer provides to us is used to help ensure accurate records for our campaign, to process and confirm receipt of your donation, and to respond to any of your requests. Your donation information may be shared with your employer. We also use your information to send acknowledgement of your gift information and to provide information about our work which we think you may find of interest. If you do not wish to receive such communications, you may let us know at any time by contacting the United Way office. In addition, every e-mail message you receive from United Way will include instructions on how to unsubscribe.

United Way educates our employees and volunteers on the importance of protecting the privacy and security of confidential personal and organizational information. Organizations that provide operational or other support services to us must also agree to safeguard your information in strict compliance with our Donor Privacy Policy.

We do not provide donor information to third parties except under the following conditions:

Designations – If a portion of your donation is directed to another United Way or agency, we provide your name, your contact information, the amount of your donation and your workplace to the organization receiving your donation. If you do not want this to occur, please indicate on your pledge information that you wish to remain anonymous. Although we encourage agencies to set high privacy standards, we do not control their policies and we therefore cannot take responsibility for their use of donor contact information.

Public Recognition – There are times when we publicly recognize and thank donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders for their generosity. If you prefer to remain anonymous, please indicate this when completing your pledge information.

Third Party Suppliers – In order to maintain cost effectiveness and continue to provide a high level of donor service, selected third parties (ie: data processing, pledge card scanning, or mailing firms) may conduct processing duties on our behalf. These companies will be required by United Way to enter into strict confidentiality agreements and agree not to keep information on file after the contract has been completed.

As Required By Law – United Way will release information when we are required to comply with the law.

Whistleblower Policy

United Way of Whatcom County Confidential Reporting of Financial Impropriety or Misuse of the Organization’s Resources Policy (Whistleblower Policy)

Statement of Purpose
The purpose of the Confidential Reporting of Financial Impropriety or Misuse of the Organization’s Resources Policy is to afford all employees, volunteers, or any other person affiliated with United Way of Whatcom County (hereafter United Way), the opportunity to confidentially report known or suspected financial improprieties or misuse of United Way resources without fear of retaliation.


Reporting Known or Suspected Financial Improprieties
Reports of known or suspected financial improprieties on the part of an employee or a volunteer or any other person affiliated with United Way should be made to the Treasurer, who is the Chair of the Finance Committee. The report should be written and made as soon as possible after the events that gave rise to the report. The report should set forth in detail the basis for the individual’s concern of financial impropriety or misuse of resources. The Treasurer shall date and log all written reports of known or suspected financial improprieties or misuse of resources. He/She will also acknowledge receipt of the report and confirm to the “complainant” the matter is under review.

The Treasurer and President/CEO will conduct a preliminary review of the reported situation and determine the appropriate course of action. If the President/CEO or Treasurer is named in the report, the Chair of the Board of Directors will perform all duties the President/CEO or Treasurer would otherwise have performed in a review and investigation of financial impropriety or misuse of resources. If the Treasurer and President/CEO determine a formal investigation should be conducted, the matter will be turned over to the United Way Executive Committee.

If the Treasurer and President/CEO determine that a formal investigation is not necessary, the complainant may report their suspicions to the Chair of the Board. The Board Chair will then determine if further action is necessary.

The Treasurer or his/her designee (usually the President/CEO, if the President/CEO was not named in the report), will investigate the matter, meeting separately with all individuals named in the report, and with others who may have knowledge of the facts set forth in the report. United Way will treat all financial impropriety reports, the sources of such reports and their investigation confidentially, recognizing, however, that in the course of investigating and resolving these matters some dissemination of information to others may be necessary and/or appropriate, particularly if legal action ensues.

On completion of the investigation, the Treasurer will report his/her findings and conclusions to the President/CEO and the Executive Committee. Based upon the report by the Treasurer, the Executive Committee will determine if, and in what form and manner, additional action will be taken. As appropriate and as determined by the President/CEO and the Executive Committee, a full report of the incident will be made to the Board of Directors at the next scheduled meeting.

“Appeal” Review
Depending on the circumstances and at the discretion of the Executive Committee, persons implicated in the report and investigation of financial impropriety or misuse of resources may be given the opportunity to meet with the Executive Committee for further review and discussion of the matter. The involved party(s) must submit a written request for review of the matter by the Executive Committee. On completion of the “appeal” review, the person(s) will receive an oral explanation of the conclusions reached and the reasons for those conclusions. Decisions resulting from “appeal” reviews by the Executive Committee will be final.

If an individual filed a financial impropriety report in good faith, the individual will not be disciplined or otherwise penalized because of the report, regardless of whether or not the report is sustained. If it appears that a financial impropriety report was not filed in good faith, and the report did not name the President/CEO, disciplinary action may be taken as determined by the President/CEO and/or the Executive Committee. If the report was not filed in good faith and the report named the President/CEO, disciplinary action may be taken as determined by the Executive Committee.

Contact Information
The phone number of the Treasurer will be available upon request.