Who We Are

Our Mission Statement

Serving Whatcom County to unite community resources around a common cause that measurably improves lives.

Value Proposition

We provide leadership that galvanizes and connects a diverse set of individuals and institutions, and mobilizes human and financial resources, to create long-term social change.

Community Impact Goals

  • EDUCATION: Children and youth achieve their potential through academic success.
  • INCOME: Individuals and families achieve financial stability and economic independence.
  • HEALTH: Individuals are healthy and avoid risky behaviors.

Strategic Priorities

1. Develop shared community strategies…to drive results in Education, Income and Health.

2. Engage more people for social change…. by bringing LIVE UNITED to life (Give, Advocate, and Volunteer).

3. Transform workplace relationships…to meet the emerging interests of employees and corporations.

4. Increase revenue and resource generation ...by deepening relationships with established market segments and increasing on-line accessibility for donors.

5. Strengthen the Board’s leadership… to contribute their relationships, skills and resources to United Way.

6. Build organizational performance…in alignment with the National United Way Standards of Excellence.



We invite you to LIVE UNITED so that our entire community benefits.

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