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The mission of Bellingham/Whatcom PHC is to engage the local community and build sustainable partnerships in the effort to end homelessness.



1. Provide one-stop access to significant human services for people experiencing a housing crisis.

2. Raise public awareness of the issue of homelessness within the community. Event planners work with elected city/county leaders and community stakeholders in order to help:  

  • Re-prioritize local government resources
  • Develop ongoing community partnerships
  • Catalyze media interest
  • Connect provider agencies operating in isolation
  • Mobilize corporate/local business resources

3. Provide a vehicle for community-wide involvement in addressing the issue of homelessness.


PHC is a unique opportunity for community members to do something concrete to address the issue of homelessness and to learn firsthand about the lives of homeless citizens.

Key Characteristics: 
PHC is a model for civic engagement recognized by the US Interagency Council on Homelessness as a best practice. While PHC events reflect local needs and priorities, they share several key features:
  • Hospitality: Homeless as Welcomed Guests
  • Immediacy: Same-Day Results for Guests
  • Community: Voluntary Civic Participation
  • Partnership: Across Agencies and Sectors
  • Excellence: Rigorous Evaluation and Improvement
Nationally, thousands of PHC community volunteers and donors partner annually with local government, non-profits, and the private sector to provide access to health and human services for homeless individuals and families. By participating locally, you will be extending this opportunity for homeless people in Whatcom County to receive high-value services and you will be helping raise awareness of the critical need for ending homelessness. 
Bellingham/Whatcom PHC is a great way to reach out and make our community a better place to live!  Click here to read the PHC 2016 Event Evaluation Report find the results of surveys of guests, community volunteers, and service providers and much more!

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