Overview of Projects and Partners

We partner with people and organizations throughout the community and mobilize donors, businesses, nonprofits and citizens to tackle issues in Education, Income, and Health that are affecting our entire community. Our Community Impact Fund supports more than 40 programs that meet high standards of effectiveness and efficiency to deliver lasting results.

We are committed to serving the community in the three basic building blocks for a good quality of life:


Creating Stable/Healthy Families & Children

  • All families are strong, stable, and supported from the start

Achieving School Readiness

  • Children enter school developmentally on track in terms of literacy, social, emotional, and intellectual skills

Academic Achievement

  • Elementary students are prepared to succeed in later grades; young people graduate from high school

Increasing Financial Stability

  • Lower-income working families move toward financial independence

Increased Income

  • Families increase their income through preparation for employment and participation in the workforce

Safe, Stable, & Affordable Housing

  • Families and idividuals achieve permanent and self-sufficient living situations

Ensuring Healthy & Active Living

  • Youth and adults are healthy and avoid risky behaviors

Ensuring Health Care Access and Prevention

  • All ages receive timely, regular, preventive health care

Increased Safety

  • Individuals and families avoid or recover from the effects of violence and abuse


Browse through our different projects and partners to see how we are impacting the community!

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Supporting Early Literacy

Project Homless Connect

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