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Joseph & Judy Coons LIVE UNITED as Leadership Society Members
For over 50 years, United Way of Whatcom County has been committed to helping mobilize community leaders, donors, and public and private agencies to address issues to build a stronger community for all. Our efforts are centered around the desire to help make Whatcom County a better place to live, work and raise our families. Thanks to members of the Tocqueville Society and Leadership Givers, we’re accomplishing that.
Your support of United Way of Whatcom County is having a real impact on our community. You are improving childcare. You are helping senior citizens continue to lead healthy and active lifestyles. You are empowering adults to become self-sufficient. And there is so much more!
United Way of Whatcom County is working hard to ensure that every dollar you give is invested appropriately and efficiently to impact issues that are currently affecting our community.
Long time supporters Joseph & Judy Coons
Your leadership commitment is producing real results. In 2015, we raised more than $614,000 to invest in strategies and programs with proven results to impact specific goals in Education, Income, and Health.
The outcome of our investments is that real people in our community are better prepared to be productive citizens and live healthy, happy lives. The lives we change and the community we shape is creating a better tomorrow for us all.
To those of you who are considering a leadership gift for the first time, we invite you to become a Leadership Giver with a minimum gift of $1,000. To those of you who have a history of supporting United Way of Whatcom County's Leadership Giving program, we ask you to help address the effects of inflation by increasing your gift this year.
Tocqueville Society: 
$10,000 or more
Signature Club levels:
Platinum: $7,500-$9,999
Gold: $5,000-$7,499
Silver: $2,500-$4,999
Bronze: $1,500-$2,499
Leadership Circle:

Tocqueville Society

United Way of Whatcom County’s Tocqueville Society is the foundation of leadership in our community.
The Society is named for Alexis de Tocqueville, a young Frenchman who in the early 1800’s traveled throughout America and wrote extensively of his admiration for America’s spirit of giving. Reflecting this spirit, members of the Tocqueville Society demonstrate the highest level of individual support for United Way of Whatcom County by giving an annual gift of $10,000 or more. Continuing to support the common good.



Thank you to our 2016 Leadership Society Members who pledged $1,000+ to United Way of Whatcom County during our 2015 Campaign. With a total of 305 contributors at this level they helped raise more than $614,000 in 2015 to impact our community in Education, Income, and Health.
(66 donors wish to remain anonymous)*

Phil &Yvonne Jones
Joseph & Anne McClain
PLATINUM LEVEL ($7,500 - $9,999)

Allendorfer Family
Jeffrey Linscott

GOLD LEVEL ($5,000 - $7,499)

Claude Blackburn & Family
Tony & Tina Bon
Eric & Susan Hirst
Jennifer & Michael Kutcher
Louie & Tamara Palmer
Spencer T. Palmer
Rodriguez Family
James & Linda Ryan
Peter & Holly Telfer
Peter Theisen

SILVER LEVEL ($2,500 - $4,999)

Cindy Abele
Staci Blow & Amy Kennedy
Ed & Val Bynon
Royce & Brandi Civico
Scott & Ann Coffinger
Larry W. Evans
Kay Evans & Tommy Gibson
Martha V. Gross
Brian D. Jones
Nils & Michelle Landis
Robert & Lisa Langei
TJ & Cecilia Lee
Steve & Rhonda Lowry
Harrison T. McCrae
Tim & Diane Miller
Jim & Roberta Mladenik
Peggy A. Onustack
Hans Rensvold
Michael & Betsy Schneider
Peter Stark & Judy Calhoun
Shawna M. Unger
Jason & Liz Walker
Doug & Laura Williams

BRONZE LEVEL ($1,500 - $2,499)

Deborah F. Adelstein
Pat Atkinson
Steven & Janis Ban
Tracy A. Barnard
Karen Beebe
Terry Belcoe
Doug & Alyson Batchelder-Bestle
Ria D. Bordian
Patrick & Dianne Bradshaw
Charlie & Susan Brown
Glenn & Janice Butler Fund of The Whatcom Community Foundation
John M. Canterbury
Troy R. Comfort
Amanda & Jeff Cook
Eileen Coughlin
David & Mary Lynne Courtney
Ira R. Feenstra
Dianne & Vince Foster
J. & Krista Gordon
Kirk Gulden
Brandon & Olivia Hahnel
Barry & Brenda Hanson
Kelli J. Holz
N.F. & Eric Jackson
Mark K. Johnson
David N. Kaptinski
Rob & Kelcey Kilbourne
Terry Hinz & Paula Kobos
Phil & Sue Latendresse
Irwin & Frances LeCocq
Karin Luce
Bob & Cheryl McCarthy
Robert Morgan
Jeanette & Bob Morse
Moser Family
Lori Nightingale
Leslye & Dennis O'Shaughnessy
Bonnie & Kevin Peterson
Terri & Stan Salstrom
Kevin Scott
Dean Shintaffer
Philip Starr
Steve & Tara Sundin
Tamara Tregoning & Caleb Sanders
Jim Turner & June Jaeger
Eli & Elizabeth Vignali
Darrin York

LEADERSHIP CIRCLE ($1,000 - $1,499)

David & Jean Abbott
Bea Acland
Carole Aguirre
John & Cindy Andersen
Jeff & Mary Anderson
Judith D. & Philip M. Andress Jr.
Keith & Cathy Archambault
Ken & Karen Bachenberg
Brad & Margie Backstrom
Patrick Baker & Holly Hinman
Geoff & Monica Beaumont
Randy W Bellville
Brent & Slavica Belsher
Matthew Bennett
RJ Bering
Kristi & Gunnar Birkeland
Kenneth Block
Kristopher S. Bouwman
Bill & Barb Brausieck
Harte & Jan Bressler
Bob Brim
Allysa D. Bronson
Michael Burke
Jeffrey & Judy Chambers
Bill & Mary Chambers
Bob & Sandy Christie
Catherine Conahey
Hugh J. Conroy
Joe & Judy Coons Community Fund of the Whatcom Community Foundation
Paula & Jeff Cotton
Jeffrey Covell
Scott Corzine
Ron Cubellis & Lesley Norman
Dan & Helen Dahlgren
Robb Dale
Robert Davis
Jason Durfee
Jack E. Egbert
Enos Family
Crystal & Phil Erickson
Joyce Eschliman
Rob Farrow
George M. Ferrini
Tricia Fetter
Rob & Amanda Fickeisen
The Frinfrock Family
Roger Ford
Carolyn Foster
Cliff & Anne Freeman
Michael S. Fry
Nancy J. Garrett
Ken & Francie Gass
Keida & Jason Gauer
Scott L. Gilmore
Dave & Laura Glasgo Family
Richard D. Goddard
Lee & Ann Gorsuch
Lester Greer
Daryl & Marie Groves
Connie Guiley
Tim Hall
Rich Harbison
Becca Hardie
Scott & Elsie Hazlett
Rick Hill & Jean LaValley
Ryan & Angela Hintz
John & Linda Hodge
Ryan & Cristel Holgate
Tom & Debra Hoyer
Douglas Hudson
Mary & Steven Hudson
Kathy M. Hughes
Jessica Hunt
Kathleen Hutchins
Jeff Irving
Guy & Kathy Jansen
Julie Johansen & Bob Moles
Tim & Tracy Johnson
Judith Joyner
Matt & Megan Kratzenberg
Thomas Kenney
Patrick Kindy
Tim Kinnison
Mark & Shawna Kitzan
Jan Klineburger
Aaron & Janell Kortlever
Jim & Christine Krell
Dean & Becky Kummer
John Latimer
Charles & MaryLee LeCocq
Linda & Mike Long
David & Tisch Lynch
Mairead MacLellan
Cindy Madigan
Mike & Julie Marriott
Ken & Lilian Marzocco
Bev & Dan Mayhew
Janet M. McGary
Colleen A. McKee
Travis Millhollin
Erik T. Morris
Tim & Janet Murphy
Rick & Wilma Myren
Colin & Sarah Naylor
Phil A. Nelson
Chris & Astrid Newell
James Noble
Maureen T. O'Brien
Tiana & Josh Osborne
Dan Overman
Marisa Papetti
Reid Parker
Rick & Ronna Parks
Clark Parrish, MD & Tina Cummings
Kathleen Pennington
Chris Phillips & Maggie Mamolen
Gordon Polinkus
Patrick & Renetta Pollock
Kevin L. Probasco
Chris & Alisha Rehberger
James  Reimer
Ken & Laura Reynolds
Teresa Roberts
Bill & Maria Rodgers
Anne Runnalls
Justin Schoonover
Charles & Phyllis Self
Josh M Sheets
Pat & Shelly Simons
Desmond Skubi
Stephanie Smith
Ron & Shirley Spanjer
Greg Stern & Naomi Rudo
Pamela Stiglitz
Dr. Dana & Barbara Stiner
Samuel Summerhill
Kim & Duane Sutton
Stowe & Nina Talbot
Nancy Tieman
Susan & Loch Trimingham Fund of The Whatcom Community Foundation
Lee & Mamiko Van Horn
The Vanderbilt Family fund
Corey Vannoy
Payden Waldo
Jenny J. Walker
Dr. Steven Wallace & Jennifer Rosquist
Michael & Patricia Ward
Katie Welch & Rob Hysell
Dean Williams MD
Patsy Williams & Family
Janine & Robert Wilson
Caroline Winfrey
Dale & Carmen Zender
Ruihong Zhang
Stacey Zierath


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