Fund Distribution Volunteers

2017 Fund Distribution Volunteers

Education Panel Members:

Rebekah Duffy, CHAIR

Tammy Bengen
Ferndale School Dist.

Barbara Brausieck
Community Volunteer

Carol Comeau
Community Volunteer

Tera Contezac
Work Opportunities

Adrianne Czebator
Samson Rope

Tricia Gates

Jack MacSlarrow
Community Volunteer

Elizabeth Monahan
Port of Bellingham

Josh Nylander
Whatcom Transportation Authority

Mariann Strachan
Community Volunteer

Chandra Troxell
Mills Electric, Inc.

Income Panel Members:

Pat Atkinson - CHAIR
Community Volunteer

Sheri Baker
BP Chery Point Refinery

Jennifer Barnhart
Skagit Bank

Natalie Boatman

Lindsey Cerise
BP Cherry Point Refinery

Deidre Kane
Community Volunteer

Joseph McClain
Community Volunteer

Michael McGowan
Community Volunteer

Daniel Overman
BP Cherry Point Refinery

Stephen Paus
Home Port Learning Center

Justin Schoonover

Kathryn Weilage
Bellingham Public Schools


Health Panel Members:

Phil Latendresse - CHAIR
HUB International NW

Cathy Archambault
Bellingham Public Schools

Crystal Boxx
PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center

Halli Forsman
US Bank

Monique McCoy
North Coast Credit Union

Emily O'Connor
Lydia Place

Patricia Proctor
Whatcom County Gov.

Jessica Sankey
Bellingham Public Schools

Lindsay Schupbach

Laura Smith

Teresa Smith
Whatcom Transportation Authority

Paul Stermer
Phillips 66 Ferndale Refinery

Rachel Strachan

What is the Fund Distribution Committee?

A group of 30-50 community volunteers serve as members of the Fund Distribution Committee. The committee reviews all programs funded by the United Way of Whatcom County and gives recommendations for grants to the Board of Directors. Volunteers are divided into our three focus areas: Education, Income, and Health. Each panel is responsible for  reviewing approximately 5-10 year-end reports and 3-6 new grant proposals with the following responsibilities:

1) Meet with agencies and listen to presentations to gain an understanding of their programs, outcomes, and impacts on the community.

2) Evaluate program funding proposals and year-end reports.

3) Recommend program grants based on current community issues and the program's ability to help United Way achieve specific community-wide goals in Education, Income, and Health.

Click her for a one page fact sheet on the Fund Distribution Committee

One volunteer committee member had this to say about her experience:
".. an eye-opening and really positive experience. It allows volunteers to see what the Community Impact Fund is all about. Members get to actually talk to staff and see what goes on at other non-profit agencies. I would encourage anybody in the community to volunteer in the Fund Distribution process."


What is the Time Commitment and Schedule?

Each panel meets for 4 afternoons and has approximately 8 hours (at most) of additional pre-work on their own time.Each panel member is expected to:

  • Attend our Orientation Meeting which usually takes place in April
  • Attend and participate in all of your panel's meetings
  • Review all packets of information for programs that your panel is responsible for
  • Participate in discussions about program requests and ask any questions
  • Fill out program evaluation forms and provide feedback
  • On the final meeting day provide specific input as to which programs to fund and at what dollar amounts (applies only to those programs who are applying for new 3 year funding other programs that are in the middle of their 3 year cycle will be voted on as a yes or a no regarding continued funding)

Fund Distribution Orientation Meeting:
Friday April 21, 2017 from 11:30 - 1:00
Large conference room at the Whatcom Center for Philanthropy at 1500 Cornwall Ave
Lunch will be provided



Dates/times for each of the panels during the 2017 cycle:

Education Panel: Building Strong Kids
Mondays 12:00 - 4:30 from April 24 - May 15

Income Panel: Creating Stable Families
Tuesdays 12:00 - 4:30 from April 25-May 16

Health Panel: Ensuring Vibrant Communities
Wednesdays 12:00 - 4:30 April 26 - May 17

For questions email Mike Weinstein, or call 360.733.8670

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