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The Community Impact Fund is how United Way of Whatcom County is efficiently and effectively building a stronger community. We have specific goals in Education, Income, and Health and are partnering with a variety of groups to ensure results.
The issues that we are focusing on take a variety of organizations and individuals working together to create a collective impact. Tackling tough issues like the high school dropout rate, individuals living in poverty, and families needing access to crucial health services takes a variety of programs and people to move the needle on these issues.  United Way of Whatcom County participates in local community assessments to ensure that we know the most current issues facing Whatcom County.  We work with large to small non-profits, school districts, the private sector, and everything in between to ensure success.
The Fund Distribution Committee carefully reviews proposals from agencies to distribute the Community Impact Fund in a way that guarantees a generous return on your charitable investment in the community.
United Way knows and understands the needs of this community and all of its members. The Community Impact Fund is just that--a way to make a significant impact on the well-being of our entire community.

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Designation Fees and Overhead:

A designated gift through United Way of Whatcom County to another nonprofit agency must be $100 or more. Any gifts that are designated and are less than $100 will be applied to our Community Impact Fund. Designations to nonprofit agencies made through payroll deduction or credit cards will be paid in quarterly installments. One-time contributions by cash or check are charged a 16.92% administrative fee. Donations paid by credit card or payroll deduction are charged 16.92% plus an additional 7.5% for uncollectible provisions. No administrative fee is charged on donations designated to other United Ways in Washington State. If you have questions about the processing of your gift please call our office at 360-733-8670

Our investment in our infrastructure (our overhead) is a very low 16.92%. We combine all of our non-designated contributions which includes corporate gifts, grants, individual donations, investment gains, and others sources of income. This means that it is much less than 16.92% per donated dollar thanks to our sponsors and other sources of income. You can rest assured that your donation to United Way of Whatcom County will be used to strengthen our community in an efficient, effective, and transparent way.

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